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Indo Western-Coord Sets, Jumpsuits, Shararas, Kurta Sets-New Arrivals

Rs. 3,850.00


Ethnic Dresses

The collection of ETHNIC DRESSES at Label DC is a blend of traditional with contemporary fashion, bringing out the best in the one who wears it. All the designs and patterns are aesthetically pleasing, as well as relatable so that the woman who wears it outshines in her own way.

Hand Painted

The HAND PAINTED designs and patterns are curated with love by the artisans, who put in all their efforts to bring out the best in an outfit. This collection of outfits is something that makes the person who wears it, look different from the others, eventually making them the highlight of the gathering.

Coordinated Sets

The collection of COORDINATED SETS is all about timeless elegance. The patterns and designs depend upon the latest trends and style, which can be worn both formally and casually. The speciality of these sets is that they are much appreciated by women of all ages.

Ethnic Wear

The ETHNIC WEAR collection at Label DC reflects the rich and powerful traditions of Rajasthan, with contemporary styles. Being one of the oldest block printing techniques of the country, it is the beauty of Indian textiles and focuses on the colours that are organically made, making it even more special and unique.

Cotton Suit Sets

The collection of COTTON SUIT SETS focuses on minimal and no-fuss clothing, but with a fashionable twist. This collection aims in coming up with a great variety of prints and patterns, that are in relation to the ongoing and latest trends.


The FLORAL collection of traditional and chic outfits at Label DC is majorly inspired by the beauty of nature all around us. The fusion of solid colours with the floral pattern makes this collection absolutely unique and different from the rest.


The beauty of the CHANDERI collection is that it focuses on maintaining a great balance between the sheer texture and luxurious feel of the Chanderi outfits. From suits to sarees, this collection brings out the best in the one who wears it, and also maintains the level of comfort throughout the day.


Maintaining the beauty of art using threads and needles, the EMBROIDERED collection at Label DC is one of its kind. With great designs and ravishing looks, this collection is the best way to showcase elegance, while maintaining the chic factor of the outfits.


The BANDHEJ collection at Label DC is known for the vibrant and joyous colours involved in the curation of the outfits. Unique patterns and colours are what is collection focuses on, eventually bringing out the best in the one who wears it.


The collection of GOTA is all about adding an essence of royalty to each outfit, in order to make a great impact in terms of fashion. This collection is all about creating elaborate patterns and adding a pinch of grace to every design that is curated with utmost love.

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